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Handmade Yarn Plushies


About Me

Hi! I'm Brianna Vick. I've been crocheting for over 10 years, and my passion for the art only grew when I had a daughter of my own. Since she was born, I've been crafting little cuddle-critters and fairy princesses and any thing else that her imagination could dream up. And trust me, she's got quite the imagination.


Now, using high-quality yarn, and the experience of a passionate momma, I am offering some of my favorites yarn plushies so that you can add some of these little wonders to your family, too.


My Work
Photo Credit:
K.Gennaro Photography


Dear Customers

My portfolio showcases some of my favorite projects, from warm and snuggly turtles to fun and playful baby aliens. Princesses, puppies, and plushies - oh my! 

And Each one is eagerly waited to be adopted into its forever home.Which one will you add to your family?


Contact Me

Should you happen to see your crochet-soul-mate,

fill out the form below to get the adoption process started!

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